Photography. The Groundbreaking Moments

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Chronologically arranged, each chapter focuses on a particular work or idea that changed the course of photography

Centuries later, Daguerre, Niepce, and Talbot invented their own means of capturing light on paper

Fashion, animals, Surrealism, and staged portraits are also explored

Perfect for perusing or reading from cover to cover, this book illustrates how photography developed from a concept to a world-changing force-one that attempted to shed light on truth yet can also obscure and alter reality in dazzling ways.

Presented in beautiful spreads and with informative text, the book opens with photography's genesis in the form of the camera obscura

Sections on the role of photography in journalism illustrate how the camera's presence on battlefields, on city streets, and in factories helped inform and reform the modern world

The book covers groundbreaking genres such as still life, landscape, portraiture, and nudes

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